My Cat’s Tale – One-Eyed Willow and Two-Eyed Buffy

A cat jumped on my husband’ shoulders. I think this cat chose us.

One-Eyed Willow
One-Eyed Willow

Willow and Buffy did not have the easiest start to their lives, but all that changed when Kristan found them in a shelter. Quickly making it known that they would like to go home with these comic-loving humans, Willow and Buffy settled in to a wonderful life.

Ewan chats with Kristan about Willow’s ongoing medical issues, how this Buffy is not very good at slaying, and the most important issue of all… which season of Buffy The Vampire Slayer’s Willow and Buffy are most like Kristan’s Willow and Buffy?

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Two-Eyed Buffy
Two-Eyed Buffy

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