My Cat’s Tale – A Warning From Kekoa

He has lilly pollen from head to tail… it really is a miracle he is here today.

Kekoa (
Kekoa’s coat covered in pollen (

Kekoa is an inquisitive cat, a cat who knows when they want affection and when they want left alone… and a cat who was incredibly lucky to survive playing with some toxic stargazer lilies.

Ewan listens to Alyssa as she takes us through the emotional and powerful story of Kekoa, the horror of discovering his body drenched in pollen, the anxious nights waiting for news from the vets, and the joy of welcoming him home and helping him recover.

You can follow Kekoa online through Twitter, @KimoKekonaKekoa.

Kekoa (
Kekoa at the vets (

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Kekoa (
Kekoa back home with an almost indestructible toy (

2 thoughts on “My Cat’s Tale – A Warning From Kekoa

  1. What a heartwarming and emotional story! Kekoa is one lucky cat to have survived playing with toxic lilies. It’s amazing to see how resilient and strong he is, despite his ordeal. The photos of Kekoa covered in pollen are both cute and a little frightening, but it’s great to see him recovering and receiving lots of love and attention. Thank you for sharing Kekoa’s story with us.


  2. What a harrowing and inspiring story of survival for Kekoa! It’s incredible how resilient and inquisitive cats can be. The journey from the terrifying encounter with toxic lilies to the joy of his recovery must have been emotionally challenging. Thank you, Ewan and Alyssa, for sharing this powerful story. Wishing Kekoa continued health and happiness.


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