My Cat’s Tale – Oscar, Erica, And Living With A Diabetic Cat

Diabetes is perfectly manageable and if you manage it well, your cat will have the same life expectancy whether he goes into remission or not.

Oscar (Stephanie Booth)

Oscar and Erica live with Stephanie Erica after many years as a community cat living outdoors, Oscar through adoption. They are both very territorial and are quite happy splitting up the workspace and the home space.

Ewan listens to Stephanie talk about their lives, and her previous cat Quintus. Oscar, like Quintus before him, is diabetic. How do you diagnose feline diabetes, what treatments are available, and how can you support your cat and find out more information?

Follow Oscar and Erica on their Facebook pages; and follow the online communities for Diabetic cat owners through the English Forum and the French Facebook group mentioned in the show.

Stephanie offers her advice on living with a diabetic cat on her blog.

Erica (Stephanie Booth)

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