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Ewan Spence presents ‘My Cat’s Tale‘, a new podcast that shares the stories of our cats, what they are like, who they love, where they came from, and more.

We launched in June and featured the tales of Moet The Blind Cat, StevieEvilCat, and CokeZero. Who will we hear from next? Here’s a little preview of our shows in July, with Gus and Echo, Scruff, and George The Station Cat.

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My Cat’s Tale – Ophur and Rosie My Cat’s Tale

Ophur and Rosie are two gorgeous rag-doll cats from New Zealand. Like any classic double act, Rosie is the one who runs around and wants to do everything all at once, while Ophur is a little bit more sedate and measured in his approach to life as the top cat of the household. Carla tells us the story of these two cats who were instantly close to each other, even if Ophur will not share his box. We also talk about the huge positive influence that Ophur and Rose have made to Carla's life, and how she can share the love they give to her with the rest of the world.

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