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Ewan Spence presents ‘My Cat’s Tale‘, a new podcast that shares the stories of our cats, what they are like, who they love, where they came from, and more.

We launched in June and featured the tales of Moet The Blind Cat, StevieEvilCat, and CokeZero. Who will we hear from next? Here’s a little preview of our shows in July, with Gus and Echo, Scruff, and George The Station Cat.

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My Cat’s Tale – A Warning From Kekoa My Cat’s Tale

Kekoa is an inquisitive cat, a cat who knows when they want affection and when they want left alone… and a cat who was incredibly lucky to survive playing with some toxic stargazer lilies. Ewan listens to Alyssa as she takes us through the emotional and powerful story of Kekoa, the horror of discovering his body drenched in pollen, the anxious nights waiting for news from the vets, and the joy of welcoming him home and helping him recover.

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