My Cat’s Tale – Milo The Babysitting Cat

Milo put his paws over my belly, and I told my husband ‘he knows.’

Milo (@kofibins)

Milo decided that he would move in with Izzy, he definitely chose his new owners. He settled quickly into his new home, but this Scottish Cat would soon have to contend with a new arrival.

Ewan listens to Izzy talk about finding Milo, how this sympathetic cat found out she was pregnant, how Milo first reacted when their baby came home, and how the whole family came together.

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Milo (@kofibins)

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3 thoughts on “My Cat’s Tale – Milo The Babysitting Cat

  1. Thank you for sharing this heartwarming story! It’s incredible how intuitive and perceptive animals can be. Milo’s connection with Izzy and the way he welcomed their baby into the family is truly heartening. It’s wonderful to see how pets can bring people together and create such beautiful bonds. I’ll definitely check out ‘My Cat’s Tale’ and follow Milo’s journey. Thank you, author, for sharing this lovely story and providing us with ways to support your work.


  2. I love hearing heartwarming stories like this! It’s amazing how Milo sensed the pregnancy and formed a special bond with Izzy. It’s heartening to know that he quickly settled into his new home and embraced the arrival of their baby. Thank you for sharing ‘My Cat’s Tale’ and the opportunity to follow Milo’s journey. Thank you, author, for this lovely story!


  3. It’s heartwarming to hear about Milo’s intuition and how he seemed to know about the pregnancy. It’s incredible how animals can sense and adapt to new family dynamics. Milo’s journey, along with the arrival of the baby, sounds like a beautiful story. Thank you, author, for sharing this touching tale with us.


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