My Cat’s Tale – Chloe The Service Cat

This cat is going to be fun, Chloe is speaking to me.

Chloe, along with Toshi, lives with Ian and she has made a huge difference to his life. Starting with walking on a leash, through a long distance train journey, and to a life around London, Chloe decided she was going to be a service cat and help Ian as much as she could.

Ewan listen to Ian as he talks about how Chloe became his service cat, the positive and negative reactions from businesses to Chloe, and how he hopes to train Toshi alongside Chloe.

Ian also talks about his dealings with Sainsburys, who he is taking to court for “refusing entry to his assistance cat (BBC News).” More details on the court case, and the importance of service/assistance cats can be found on Ian’s dedicated website

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