My Cat’s Tale: Tabby and Tuxedo

I wouldn’t change anything because it brought us closer together as a family.

Tabby and Tuxedo (photo: Tabby and Tuxedo Cat)
Tabby and Tuxedo (photo: Tabby and Tuxedo Cat)

When Willa arrived, Allison discovered a love for cats that has changed her life. Willa would soon be joined by Nala and Bella, and brought Allison and her partner closer together as they all cared for each other.

Ewan and Allison share their passion to talk about cats online, how her cats have make a difference at home, and why none of the cats are called Tabby or Tuxedo.

You can follow Tabby and Tuxedo online, links to Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and more, can be found here.

Following the recording of this episode, Bella sadly passed away. Having spoken with Allison, she wanted Bella’s story to be told and fill our hearts with Bella’s love. Parting is never easy, but the love between us and our cats is eternal.

Tabby and Tuxedo (photo: Tabby and Tuxedo Cat)
Tabby and Tuxedo (photo: Tabby and Tuxedo Cat)

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