Introducing Our Next Three Cats

A big thank you to everyone who has listened to our first episodes, followed us in Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or elsewhere, and left comments about the show. We’re going to be releasing weekly episodes over the summer months.

Our next three episodes feature cats who have all found family in their own special way. Gus first found a home with Tycho, and after Tycho passed away he was joined by and takes care of Echo. Scruff started out as a stray cat before slowly finding a home to take him in. And George The Station Cat decided he wanted to work on the railways.

You’re going to meet them and hear their stories over the next few weeks on “My Cat’s Tale”. Here’s how to listen and follow ‘My Cat’s Tale’ in the popular podcast directories or with your favourite apps.

And now… a sneak peak at what’s to come.

Scruff, Gus & Echo, George The Station Cat (Instagram)
Scruff, Gus & Echo, George The Station Cat (Instagram)

My Cat’s Tale Launches Today [Press Release]

Press Release: 22 June, Edinburgh, Scotland.

From BAFTA-nominated podcast Ewan Spence comes a new podcast about the unbreakable bonds we have with our cats.

My Cat’s Tale‘ is a weekly show filled with purrfect podcast stories of our feline friends.

Every week, Ewan Spence sits down with a different cat and their owner to talk about their life together, share the stories of their cats, what they are like, who they love, where they came from, and more. You’ll listen to tales of cats who have found their forever home and owners who have taken them into their lives, sometimes in surprising ways. You’ll hear stories of adversity, moments of healing, flashes of inspiration, but most of all stories of our shared connections and love for each other.

In our first three episodes you’ll fall for Moet The Blind Cat who found a wonderful home after losing her sight, you’ll be surprised by the kindness offered by CokeZero, and you’ll become best friends with StevieEvilCat as he pretends to be Jason Statham.

“I feel we all need the comfort of a cat right now,” says producer Ewan Spence. “There is nothing more powerful than the personal connections we have with our cats, and I can’t wait to introduce these amazing tales to the world.”

You can listen to and download a trailer for our first three episodes here.

Where To Find The Podcast

You can find ‘My Cat’s Tale’ listed with Apple PodcastsSpotify, and Google Podcasts. You can find ‘My Cat’s Tale’ in your favourite podcast app via the Podnews Podcast Directory.

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Contact Details

Ewan Spence, +44 7966 152772 (Mobile),

A Little Taste Of What’s To Come

The last few weeks have seen quite a bit of work behind the scenes at My Cat’s Tale. We have our Instagram and Twitter pages set up (you can search for them under ‘MyCatsTalePod‘), little bits are being added to the website, and both the Facebook and Patreon pages are under way.

The biggest work is, of course, recording the interviews. When the podcast goes live, we’ll have three episodes available immediately, followed by three more podcasts ready for weekly release after that. I want to say a huge thank you to our first tale tellers – Moet, Coke Zero, and Stevie – for joining us as we start our journey.

Would you like a little taste of what’s to come? Here’s our first promo trailer…

(Direct Link to MP3 file).